Half/Full Marathon Club

Half & Full Marathon Club...get ready to race!

The RIGHT Shoe Marathon Club is designed to prepare runners for a marathon or half marathon in May 2019. The pace is geared towards runners aiming for a 3:15 to a 4:30 hour marathon, or a 1:30 to 2:15 half marathon. The cost of the 17-week Club session is $150 + tax, or drop in fee of $10. See the full schedule below. 

We meet on Sunday mornings, 8:00 am, for a weekly long run, the staple workout in any effective long distance running program. We mostly run relaxed and easy, focusing on building endurance, with the occasional tempo run worked in to practice race pacing. Additionally, all runners are eligible to join The RIGHT Shoe Tuesday night run clinic throughout the season for an intensity workout to build speed and strength. 

What sets our club apart is the individual attention given to each runner. As well, a comprehensive training program is provided to safely and successfully guide each participant towards his or her running goal.

Meet your run club leader: Lara Penno.

Registration Includes:

  • VIP discount (15%) at The Right Shoe
  • Complete training program
  • Email access to the coach
  • Heart rate training and nutrition guidance
  • Valuable fitness and health info seminars
  • End of session party

Marathon/Half Marathon Club prices:

17 weeks
$150 +GST.
Drop-in fee is $10.

To register for the clinic please call 604-737-6014 or come by the store.
For more info, email run club coach Lara Penno and she will happily get back to you.  

Marathon and Half Marathon Club - Winter/Spring 2019 

Run Dates Long Run duration
Marathon/Half Marathon
Run Details
1. January 13 1:30 hr/0:50 min Introduction Information session
2. January 20 1:45 hr/0:55 min  
3. January 27 1:30 hr/0:50 min Recovery
4. February 3 2:00 hr/60 min  
5. February 10 2:15 hr/1:10hr Optional: First ½ Half Marathon
6. February 17 1:20 hr/0:50 min Recovery – Family Day weekend, run on own
7. February 24 2:15 hr/1:20 hr  
8. March 3 2:30 hr/1:30 hr  
9. March 10 1:30 hr/0:60 min Recovery
10. March 17 2:45 hr/1:40 hr  
11. March 24 3:00 hr/1:50 hr  
12. March 31 1:30 hr/0:60 min  Recovery
13. April 7 3:00 to 3:20/2:00 hr  
14. April 14 3:00 to 3:40 hr/2:00 to 2:15 hr Sun Run - Optional
15. April 21 1:30 hr Taper I Easter Run on own
16. April 28 1:00 hr Taper II
17. May 5 BMO Vancouver Marathon/Half Marathon Race Day!

**See Tuesday Run Club for intensity run information