Urban Poling Urban 4Life Pink


Strapless Handle

The ERGO/CORE strapless handle and technique are designed to target major core muscles. One mile of walking equals 1800 abdominal muscles contractions and 900 of lateral muscles.The ergonomic handles absorb shock and vibration when poling on city surfaces, drastically reducing lower joint impact. Our unique handles create a transfer of energy directly to your arms, preventing joint injuries and adding an upper body workout to your walk.

telescoping Poles

One size fits all telescoping poles. Ideal for individuals between 128cm to 188cm (4 ’2″ to 6 ’2″).Users can also adjust the poles depending on their preference and the terrain they are walking on.The perfect travel companion and space saver.Premium LockPremium locking system for improved walking safety.

Urban Traction Tips

The Urban Traction Tips are designed to help to reduce stress on hip and knee joints while propelling the walker forward at a greater speed than walking. This provides the walker with an increased workout and promotes better posture.

Carbide Metal Tip

For snow, ice, beach and dirt or gravel trails

Travel Clip

Clip for temporarily securing Urban poles for traveling

Online Instruction

Video instructions on the components of the poles, adjusting poles, learning the technique and common errors.


Urban Poling Urban 4Life Pink

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