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  • Running @Seawheeze this weekend? Stock up on @GuEnergyLabs, @PowerBarCanada, and hydration this week! #SeaWheeze #RunVan
  • @JenU2 Sweet! What model did you get? #FindYourStrong
  • @cjamnow Would love to see a picture of those!
  • Next @5PeaksRun is this Saturday in #Whistler! Who's #running?
  • Here it comes, September 3-7! #TRSsale
  • Congrats Dylan! "B.C. shot putter Dylan Armstrong to receive Olympic bronze from Beijing"
  • What's your favourite time of day to run? "@vanbackpain: When should I go #running?" #RunVan
  • See you at #TrackTuesday, 6pm! Don't forget hydration!
  • Love all the #running mixes on @Spotify! Lots of choices for working out, slow running, and high tempo! #RunVan
  • @debrakato Thanks for the RTs! #TRSsale
  • @Sonja_Be Def #9. Expensive laundry bills vs stinky laundry hampers. Won't tell you which one wins... #runnerproblems
  • Guilty. "22 Really Weird And Annoying Things Runners┬áDo" via @thoughtcatalog and @Sonja_Be #RunVan #running
  • Mark your calendar! Our garage sale is Sept 3-7! We'll have a tent in our parking lot with 100s of pairs marked down! #TRSsale @ShopWest4th
  • Definitely! A little flexibility goes a looooong way! "@RunLikeAGirl_ca: Running and yoga go hand in hand!" #Runcouver
  • Track Tuesday, 6pm! See you at Eric Hamber. Tonight's workout: 4x200, 3-4x800(or 600), various paces. Longer recovery in between. #RunVan
  • Is 'Bruised' a shade of nail polish? "All the Single #Runners" #RunVan
  • @manjana_karan Congrats! How are the legs feeling today?
  • Killer race at @RichmondOval 10k! We took some age-group awards, draw prizes, and ran hard! Congrats team!
  • Good luck at @appletriathlon everyone, always a highlight of the #triathlon season! #kelowna
  • Race day tomorrow! @RichmondOval 10k for half/full marathoners, 9am. A fun, fast trail run in Terra Nova. See you for warmup at 830am!


Spring has sprung - Get out for a Walk!

Boost your health one step at a time. Our Rand Clement speaks to the Vancouver Courier newspaper.  Plus, a great listing of  "Where to Walk in Vancouver". Read more here.

Rand Clement & CKNW provide last minute SUN RUN race ready tips

Read the radio interview here

Sun Run Fair opens Thursday April 24th - 27th at BC Place Stadium. Great deals on apparel, shoes and accessories, plus more!

For Fair and full race day information, read more here.