Personalized, informative, no-pressure – that’s the in-store experience we promise you at The RIGHT Shoe. We want you to feel that you’ve received the best service possible.

"Hello, At the beginning of May I visited your store with a pair of shoes that I had bought a month before which were very uncomfortable and causing pain in one foot. Your employee, Katherine Reyes, spent about 30 minutes with me while I tried on several other pairs of shoes.  I was able to exchange them for another pair which I have worn comfortably since. I have been a customer of your store for some time and really appreciate the service I received and the opportunity to exchange the shoes.  Knowledgeable, friendly, professional and helpful, Katherine provided excellent customer service. Please convey my thanks to her. Regards, S.M."

"I wish to thank your staff members Adanna and Brian for their attentive and respectful action today when I went into your store. I had bought a pair of New Balance runners and was disconcerted that a pair of shoes had worn out so quickly. I need not have worried. From the time I entered the store until I left, I felt my complaint was taken seriously; I was listened to and felt understand - never once did I get the feeling I was a nuisance. The problem was remedied fast and I left your store a very very happy customer who will return again and again. So will my friends I can honesty say that it was the best customer service I have experienced in many years. Impressive! Thank you thank you and a very special thank you to Adanna and Brian If you wish to put this on your website or Facebook please do - I'm a senior luddite so am not that well up on technology. Yours with much gratitude, O.B."

"This afternoon, I spent about an hour at your store.   I was looking for a walking shoe that had a bit more style than a runner.  Because I wear orthotics and an ankle brace it is always a problem finding a suitable shoe that fits comfortably. Your sales clerk, Jerry, went to great lengths to help me find just the right shoe.  Unfortunately the one that fit best was not available.  He offered to order it for me, and I said that I couldn’t wait longer than two weeks.  He checked with the manager and found that it would probably be the end of October before they could get the shoe in.  When I told him that I couldn’t wait that long, Jerry very kindly called another store for me to check if they had the same shoe in my size, which they did.  I was able to go and pick it up within the hour. I appreciated the fact, that although he would not have a sale, Jerry would go to such lengths to assist me.   I usually do shop at The Right Shoe whenever I need new shoes because of the issues I have with getting a good fit.  I will continue to shop there and would recommend your store to anyone with difficulties finding a comfortable shoe. I wanted to commend Jerry to you as he made a very good impression on me and as an employee, he is an asset to your company. S. L."

"Dear Rand Clement, I have shopped at The Right Shoe several times, the last two occasions having had the pleasure of being assisted by Daniel Luong.
I want to thank you for hiring such a bright, personable young man.  He knew your stock like the back of his hand.  He takes the time to listen to your needs and brings out exactly what you are looking for. 
Two days ago, when I came in, he was serving two other customers and I chose to wait until he was free. I made my purchase, enjoyed his amicable demeanor and knew that I was in "the right place" with "the right shoe", Daniel is an amazing addition to your store and can only enhance an already great reputation.  Thank you, and thanks to Daniel! Satisfied customer, R. W."

"Dear Rand, I am writing to let you know about the truly outstanding service I received yesterday. I phoned the day before and spoke to Joel and he told me that not only could you help me but that your store was the best place to come. Yesterday I came out to buy my shoes. Billy So took care of me. I told him all my foot problems and he took it from there. 
I have never had such wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable service when buying shoes anywhere. He even game me a free pair of special socks to help with my blisters etc. I now have the correct shoe and the right fit and the proper socks. I have just go home from my daily downtown to downtown Stanley Park Seawall walk and my New Balance 882 shoes performed beyond my expectations and the socks were also great. 
I will be coming in at the end of September to buy another pair of shoes and buys some socks also. Because of this outstanding service you not only have a very satisfied customer but you have a customer for life and I have already lined up a new customer for you. I will not hesitate to send more customers your way. Once again, I think you, my feet thank you and special thanks again to Billy So. Yours Truly, " R.N.

"Thanks so much Sarah! Thought you'd get a kick out of this - I am having my first coffee in Lyon, France the morning after we arrived and I know you can't see them, but I'm wearing my stardust NAOT's - soooo comfortable! Have a great day! H."

"Sarah, I just had to thank you for suggesting those gorgeous NAOT Stardust leather sandals - I have just walked for two hours in them on their inaugural outing and my feet, and I, are very happy!
I of course will go more gently on the Onyx blue Birks - not wearing them for two hours the very first day. The Wolky's are yet to be tested. Enjoy your day! Thanks, H (who was with you for over two hours Wednesday afternoon)"

"Hi Kristal, I don't usually email places where I buy stuff but I wanted to let you know that the shoes arrived yesterday and they are perfect. I love them. Thanks so much for the help you (and the other guys at the store) provided. You all made my day/week/month/year! 
Hope you are warming up in Canada as spring arrives It has been a long cold winter even for us DC folks. Take Care." C.B.

"I was in the store on Sunday looking for a pair of shoes. I had been on the hunt for suitable footwear which had taken me to many stores in Vancouver, and interesting experience. Why I didn't got to you in the first place is beyond me but I have learnt my lesson. Not only was the selection you have extensive, the service was exceptional. Which brings me to my point. My receipt states that "ANNA" was the person that helped me through the process.  Having talked to many people in various stores over time I must say Anna was the leader. After a brief chat with all the questions that should be asked to find my needs and wants the first selection of shoes brought down the stairs. Pair number 2 was the one for me but great patience and a sense of humour was displayed as I went on to try around 12 pairs to confirm the choice. So its a thank you "the right shoe" and a big thank you to Anna." M.L.

"I just purchased a new pair of running shoes in your store today. This is the second time I have bought from you and its always great personal service is never rushed and I am always happy when I leave. Thanks to Midori who looked after me this afternoon. Kindest Regards, K.C."

"I just wanted to thank Joel for the great shoes I bought on Saturday. I was in with my friend and her parents and we all bought shoes. :) I was asking for a buy one get one free deal and was sad to learn that I had just missed the deal yesterday :). I wern to the park later that day and those shoes made me run faster, jump higher and stay dry! Please forward this happy message to Joel and let him k now that it is not often I meet a person who understands my of humour and can give back. I hope this makes you laugh!" N.C.

"Dear Staff: I purchased a pair of black jewel sandals from your store over the phone recently. I live in the North Okanagan and could not find my size anywhere but your store had exactly what I wanted and you mailed them to me quickly and efficiently. I am very happy with them and will be using them to travel and walk comfortably knowing they are the best purchase I could make. Thank you."R.W.

"Nicole, Just a short note to thank you very much for the excellent service you gave my wife and I Thursday. The problem I had with my purchase of the New Balance shoes in August was handled expertly and in a very pleasant manner. You also provided some valuable insite into my orthotic problem as well.
The new shoes you gave me in replacement fit perfectly. We appreciate your expertise in handling the situation. We will most certainly come back and see you for our footwear needs. Thanks again" K.J.

"Hi Rand, I wanted to tell you that I had a great experience at your store today. Your staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Rachel was the one who was helping me and she was very patient with questions and she know her stuff. 
I was diagnosed with a bruised bone in my left foot. The shoes i'm wearing now have really allecviateds the pain in my feet. Thank you to you and your great staff. Sincerely, A.L."

"Stopped here with my partner to pick up some new running shoes. It was near closing time but we didn't feel rushed at all. The store had excellent distancing despite a half dozen or so people moving through the place during our visit. I also liked that the doors were open to increase ventilation.

The sales staff were knowledgeable, friendly and most of all, focused on helping my partner find the best shoes for her feet. The salesperson we met even dissuaded us from a pair that seemed fine but were truly not the best option. He helped us find runners that will actually work for my partner. I love getting expert-level service like that!

I've shopped here many times in the last few years, and visits like the other night are why we keep coming back." -S.P

"I got amazing help and assistance from Adanna at The Right Shoe when I got prescribed specific running shoe suggestions from my doctor. Adanna was super informative and went through a number of different options for me. Would highly recommend." -T.F

"Gohar was terrific. She knew what I needed before I did. She also know what wouldn't work for me. Great service." -J.B.

"Been meaning to write you for a week now.
I had a lovely young lady help me decide between Hoka runners last week. Claire was so very patient and professional that I asked her for your email.
Very impressed with Claire and all the staff at The Right Shoe.
Been shopping there since you opened I think. My family moved to the neighborhood 1983.
Thanks again for hiring great people. Claire was exceptional." -S.D

"During the pandemic I've been blown away by local businesses and the lengths they're going to help out customers, even as they're weathering hard times themselves. Because of my health limitations, and because we're helping to care for my beau's elderly mom, I'm not able to go into stores — but I really needed new running shoes! Not something you can easily buy online, so the staff at

The Right Shoe

picked out several pairs of shoes based on my needs, then let me try them on in the parking lot behind the store. The salesperson was so knowledgeable and attentive and kind, too, made it feel like the most normal thing in the world. I was so impressed. (And now have snazzy new running shoes.) Thank you Right Shoe!! I've always loved your store but now I love it even more ❤️" -J.V.E